3407_10151241488479974_2085257993_nExpressions Dance Company is built on three guiding principles, which we strive to promote in all areas of the organization: Creativity, Confidence, and Community.

Creativity: In Expressions, we urge our choreographers and dancers to incorporate a variety of styles into their movement, and to use diverse choreography as a platform for their stories, emotions, and concepts. By sharing their own self-expressions with fellow dancers and audience members, Expressions dancers create a transformative experience within every piece.

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Confidence: Expressions choreographers and dancers collaborate with one another and challenge each another to rise to each individual’s potential, learning skills and gaining confidence for on and off the dance-floor. Expressions strives to provide opportunities for dancers of every level to grow and develop. While Company Piece serves as a non-audition option for dancers of all levels to perform in our bi-annual shows, EXP provides the opportunity  for more experienced dancers to be challenged with more advanced choreography taught at a faster pace.

Community: From Company-wide social events to bi-monthly Company Workshops, Expressions seeks to create a community on campus, bringing students together to dance, socialize, and learn from one another. Expressions endeavors to shape an inclusive environment where dancers of all levels, backgrounds, and identities feel comfortable and welcome.

Interested in joining EDC? Check the “Calendar” tab for information on upcoming auditions and company workshops! Join our Facebook events, mark your calendars, and contact expressionsdirex@gmail.com with any questions.