Founded in 2003, EXP is a subcompany of Harvard’s Expressions Dance Company, consisting of a select group of dancers. Membership in EXP is audition-based. EXP holds two open auditions each year – once at fall company auditions, and later at spring company auditions. EXP is student-led and student-choreographed and consists of roughly 15-20 dancers.

EXP performs at many events on and around campus, including the Harvard-Yale Showcase and Pep Rally, the School of Public Health International Night, Cultural Rhythms, Arts First Weekend, Visitas Palooza and Dance Jam for incoming freshman, and more. See our calendar for future performance dates!

See below for our recent performances at Harvard-Yale 2014 and our fall show, EXperience!

Current members: Amanda Reilly ’15, Angela Oh ’15, Bridget Scanlon ’15, Drew Scott ’15, Emelie Coleman ’15, Julia Cataldo ’15, Kash Fulton ’15, Michelle Lee ’15, Schuyler Moore ’15, Tomi Adeyemi ’15, Dillon Cruz ’16, Ivie Tokunboh ’16, Izzy Wagner ’16, Kim-Mai Le ’16, Kristen Somple ’16, Lisa Ma ’16, Madeline Cooper ’16, Rebecca Neuman ’16, Tiana Raphel ’16, Avi Saraf ’17, Connor Cook ’17, Joel Bateman ’17, Kat Kearney ’17, Unwana Abasi ’17, Adrianna Bergstein ’18, Embree Thompson ’18.