Here are the videos from our 2014 fall show, EXperience! For more videos, check out our YouTube page. Photo galleries and company updates are regularly posted on our Facebook page and our Instagram (@harvardexpressions). Check it out!

IndepenDANCE, choreographed by Michelle Lee ’15

Straight Eight Ball, choreographed by Connor Cook ’17

Alone Together, choreographed by Unwana Abasi ’17

EXP “Don’t Tell Me What To Do”, choreographed by Schuyler Moore ’15, Ivie Tokunboh ’16, Kim-Mai Le ’16, Kash Fulton ’15 + Tomi Adeyemi ’15, Amanda Reilly ’15, and Kristen Somple ’16

*Hair Flip*, choreographed by Schuyler Moore ’15

Female Hustlers, choreographed by Tomi Adeyemi ’15

Dirty South, choreographed by Rebecca Neuman ’16

Team USA, choreographed by Drew Scott ’15

Flexin&Finessin, choreographed by Kash Fulton ’15

Company Piece “Messin’ With The Best”, choreographed by Rebecca Neuman ’16, Michelle Lee ’15 and Kristen Somple ’16